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good morning. suicide bombers today go after a familiar target in baghdad, the same recruitment center where 48 were killed just two weeks ago. this of course comes four days now after the u.s. formally handed over military command to the iraqis. a lot of people are asking how did iraqi security forces perform? also, censored. craigslist taking down its adult
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services section after criticism from the cnn center, this is "cnn sunday morning." it is 6:00 a.m. where i sit in atlanta, georgia, 1:00 p.m. in baghdad, glad you could be with us. i'm t.j. holmes. we welcome troops watching on the armed forces network in iraq and afghanistan. thank you for starting your day with us. we start in iraq, security in the country has been fresh on the minds of people here in the u.s. and around the world after the u.s. formally handed command to the iraqis. suicide bombers going after a familiar target. we want to go to our arwa damon in baghdad for us. arwa, yes, of course the security has been fresh on the mind after the formal handover but truth be known iraqi forces have been in the lead of security for that country for some time in the first place but tell us why this familiar target, why this recruitment center? why has this been such a popular target for suicide attackers? >> reporter: well, t.j., this recruitment center is also the
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headquarters for one of the baghdad operations command center and also at the heart of the capital. in the past there have been reports about lax or relaxed security, we saw that suicide bombing two or three weeks ago that killed 48 people that you mentioned earlier. since then the iraqi government had put its forces on high alert on august 28 saying they had uncovered evidence al qaeda and other groups were going to be carrying out attacks. it is one of the targets that tragically is very appealing to the insurgency here. three suicide bombers tried to enter the base. they were stopped by the iraqi security forces who opened fire on them, two of them did detonate, the third wounded. in total seven people were killed, at least 21 wounded but the death toll could have been much, much higher had they actually been able to enter that base, t.j. >> also something you mentioned as we were corresponding with you this morning, arwa, is that in fact maybe attacks have been
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low but tension is pretty high right now in baghdad. why? >> reporter: yes, it is, t.j., because there is this sense amongst the people, amongst the iraqi security forces because of the heightened alert and significant events with the u.s. officially ending its combat mission taking place that there is a sense amongst the population that perhaps this is the lull before the storm. people are very tense, anticipating some sort of a big attack and whilst you could look at today and say this is the case of the iraqi security forces actually -- after the potential attack for the population, they're looking at cases like this and thinking to themselves that there are still suicide bombers roaming the streets and the city and country is not safe. >> we'll be checking in with arwa throughout the morning thank you so much. also checking in with arwa on another story she did talking to
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the children of iraq, who have been scarred by war. you'll see that in a bit, talking with kids about their experiences during the iraq war. also over the next 90 minutes here on "cnn sunday morning" sharing a story that a lot of people just find offensive, diana, princess diana in lingerie? a chinese lingerie company, many are saying now marring the memory of the people's princess on the anniversary of her death. also, a high-tech noisemaker being used in washington to try to drive away motors but does it unfairly target young people? all those stories coming up for you here in the next 90 minutes of "cnn sunday morning." news shaking up the internet, part of a debate going on for years, craigslist and its adult services section. now, "censored" is what has replaced the adult services section, users across the country are finding the link blocked with a bar that simply
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reads "censored." craigslist not explaining the move just yet saying instead they will be releasing a statement later. it could be a crucial first step in repairing its image after repeated protests that it promotes prostitution and child sex trafficking. last week attorneys general in 17 states accused craigslist of doing little to prevent that. one of them commended the move yesterday. >> craigslist either cannot or will not effectively screen out the ads and so craigslist really voluntarily did the right thing as a result of our job owning and talking to them, but i think that it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> the rebecca project, the human rights group, agreed this is a good first step. their executive director helped sound the alarm about possible child exploitation on the site
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after she posted parts of an open letter from two girls allegedly trafficked through adult services ads. she talked to tom foreman last night. >> do you take this move by craigslist to be an admission of responsibility in this? >> i do. i absolutely see it as his admission that his site was hurting children, that his site was responsible for child prostitution, and sex trafficking, and that he made the correct decision, a decision to protect children and decide that no longer would he allow his site to be used for pimping and trafficking of our most vulnerable children so i do commend him in that but i ask him to go further and make sure that the value of a life of a child in india or anywhere where craigslist exists internationally, that the value of that child is as important as the value of a child here in the
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u.s. who is being subject to sexual exploitation. >> you may remember cnn doing an investigation on craigslist. in fact one of our reporters, amber lyon actually caught up with the founder of craigslist, craig newmar. we'll look back at her piece. here is just an example of it. >> you guys say you screen all these ads manually. ? >> i don't know what this is. >> jim buckmaster says these are being screened, why do i have the responsibility to report this to you when it's your website? you're the one posting this online. >> and more of that coming your way in the 7:00 eastern hour, top of the hour, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. it has been a month now that those miners in chile have been trapped underground, a month now. 33 men have been trapped down there. the miners are getting words of encouragement from family members. they spoke to their loved ones
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thanks to a video conference set up by the chilean government, also offering them moral support four members of uruguay's 1972 rugby team who met and consoled the miners' families. yesterday. some of the rugby team were stranded for more than 70 days. in the andes mountains when their plane crash. >> translator: we need to ensure this never happens again but it already has happened and we need to get them out. that is the most important thing. >> again, it is going to be some time, could take several more months before those miners are rescued. they have holes being drilled now, to possibly get down to those men but it's going to take a while, still good news compared to the news initially after we all first got word of the mine's collapse. >> translator: a friend phoned and said the san esteban mine
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just collapsed and the miners are inside. i said what? that can't be true and i began crying. i was trying and i couldn't talk. i was just crying and crying. i said my claudio can't leave me like this. claudio has to be alive. >> translator: i was stunned by the news, but i didn't cry, not the time to cry. but my wife began to cry and i tried to calm her down. i said, take it easy. we don't know anything for sure just yet. >> translator: i felt rage and pain and frustration. i thought how can they be trapped like that? they're not animals, but here in chile, they've always treated our miners like animals.
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it's horrible. i miss him so much. he always cheered us up and made us laugh. i just feel so bad. >> translator: those first days were unforgettable. it was huge uncertainty, just waiting and waiting. those were very bitter moments. i was crying day and night. i didn't want to sleep. i held out hope esteban had been outside the mine opinion when i was crying, i hoped he was going to come out and hug me and say "darling, i'm here," but the hours went by and they reported the names of the missing miners, and esteban never came.
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>> translator: i felt a lot of rage and pain and i felt powerless because i knew this was an accident waiting to happen. a lot of the miners said that they had heard the mountain groaning. >> translator: i never doubted and had a lot of faith that they were alive and that they were all together and that's how they found them, all together. >> translator: we stayed calm, and then what happened happened, and then the miracle came. >> all right, well we talked about it could take months before these miners are rescued but a new drill just got on site last week just a few days ago that could possibly speed up the process but still we could be looking as late as december before the crew gets out. well, farmers out there working, working hard, they're growing the food, but doesn't really help if the food they're
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growing cooks before they're able to even make some money off of it. we'll explain what's happening here, and reynolds it's happening because it's so hot. >> amazing. i mean, that's just ridonculous. the advancement in corn is getting unbelievable, it pops before it's coming out of the ground. it's amazing stuff. we'll talk about that coming up plus the beautiful weather you're going to see this weekend, after the storm moved out we're talking about earl, we have great weather building in. how long will it last? i'll let you know coming up in a few moments. you're watching "cnn sunday morning." corn that pops by itself! can you believe it? when the curtain rises. and the spotlight is yours. having a strong signal at your back... is like having invisible power everywhere. because in that moment... you're not there to take up space. you're there to fill the room. rule the air. verizon. right now, buy a blackberry smartphone
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to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world. all right, 15 minutes past the hour here on this "cnn sunday morning." a kentucky farmer isn't happy with his corn crop right now. it's kind of popping before he can even harvest it. this is happening at a farm in star mills, kentucky, where it has been, how hot has it been,
6:16 am
reynolds? >> it's been james brown crazy hot. >> it is hot, high temperatures there caused the common crop to dry up so much that the corn you could some ways describe it as popping. it doesn't look like orville redenbacher. it's been so hot for so long, he just can't produce the stuff. >> they had highs in the 100s about a week or so ago, and they've had some weird times with the rain, heavy rain during parts of the year, little mini droughts and odd weather. orville reddenbacher would be ripping his hair out. >> are we done with this thing yet? >> earl is going, going, gone. >> not gone yet? >> it is gone. good riddance to it. we're going to see the risk of
6:17 am
rip currents along the coast greatly reduced >> how long will that last the dang danger? >> it should be fizzling out today as we speak. always be careful out there. let's show you what's happening. we're not completely done with the tropics. off the coast things look picture perfect. look at the big picture along the equator, let's push this back north of the equator, you're seeing a couple of areas of possible development, the remnants of gaston, nothing threatening the u.s. but you have to focus on the areas like the laser beam as things continue to heat up in november. we're going to converge in a few areas, northern plains, nothing severe there. gulf coast splash and dash storms across the state of florida but nothing severe expected. if you look at the national perspective it's going to be beautiful, high pressure will be building into the eastern third of the country. they've given the outdoor plans, barbecuing and whatnot, great across the ohio valley and
6:18 am
kentucky, the funky corn that pops by itself, should be a good day for you there. yellow stone national park and glacier not only a mix of showers, possibly some snowfall in the highest elevations, the tetons same deal and warm deserts southwest. high temperatures very quickly, 70s, 80s across parts of the northeast, 82 in st. louis, 93 in dallas. 84 in atlanta, 104 in vegas and los angeles 81. people in the southeast enjoy the cool weather because later into the week and weekend we'll be back in the 90s with the high humidity again. t.j., hate to tell you that. we're not involved just yet in the southeast. >> when does the official start come? >> in about a month. in georgia it doesn't cool down until about january, basically how it feels. >> right after christmas. >> exactly. >> appreciate you as always. talk to you again shortly. we saw mixed unemployments
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22 minutes past the hour now. we're inviting you to climb aboard the cnn election express tomorrow. i'm heading out this week, be on the road all week focusing on the important races and issues going on across the country. we are going to start tomorrow in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and tuesday heading on over to columbus, ohio. wednesday, covington, kentucky, coming your way and then on thursday going to wrap one the good folks of indianapolis, indiana. tune in, meet gloria borger, john king and jessica yellin also aboard the election express as we kick off our political season on cnn. ohio one of our political stops as always. things that matter to you are the same that matter to the folks in ohio. >> i just think ohio is a state that people look at because it has a huge mix in one state. >> i now hate poll techs. >> you're going to talk to
6:24 am
different people and everyone's going to have different thoughts. >> hard for me to figure out because i grew up in a republican family the sarah palins is not part of what i want to be represented by. >> i live almost stopped following it all together because i think it's a load of crap. >> to see some republican candidates come out ahead, good, strong candidates and i think we'll have a good run for it in november. >> jobs need to be brought back to america. i don't see anything now, i've got a nice hat that says my boss is jesus and when i look inside and the label, it says "made in china." okay. where is "made in the usa" at? >> hmm. those are some of the folks we're going to be talking to throughout the week in our political coverage again, election express hitting the road tomorrow, live reports start first thing tomorrow morning. we'll see you on the road all week. with less than two months to go until the midterm elections there's no holiday for the president this week.
6:25 am
tomorrow president obama speaking with workers and their families. at a laborfest in milwaukee, wisconsin, and on tuesday the president welcomes nato secretary general to the white house. wednesday heading to cleveland and plans to speed up the recovery of the economy and thursday he'll attend meetingings at the white house, friday the president holding a press conference that will likely focus on the economy, among other things. small businesses still struggling in this tough economy, president obama urging congress to pass a bill aimed at helping small businesses expand and hire more workers. kate baldwin visits more workers. >> my second floor was a showroom for the high end bikes. >> reporter: we met her nine months ago, after nine years of business a victim because of the recession. >> lack of cash. >> reporter: that was then. this is now.
6:26 am
she has reopened what she describes as a leaner, meaner operation in a much smaller space. the good news, customers are starting to come back, but she, like other small businesses, is still facing the same challenges that got her in a tough spot to begin with, access to cash and credit. last time we spoke you said we need ready access. >> easy access to cash, to support some cash flow through the hard times. >> reporter: is your message the same today? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: it's something president obama is trying to show he's tackling, urging congress friday to move forward on a bill designed to help small business, including a $30 billion lending fund to help ease credit and $12 billion in tax breaks. >> something we have a responsibility to do right now is to lift up our small businesses, which accounted for over 60% of job losses in the final months of last year.
6:27 am
>> reporter: economic policy analyst ann says the measure will help but it's no silver bullet. >> it's not going to bring a rush of people into stores to buy whatever it is these different small businesses have to offer but it will help. it will help kind of at the back end. >> perfect. you look like a cyclist. >> reporter: in the meantime, denise d'amour has adapted to tough times and looking forward to making it through another bicycle season. remember we're headed into election season here in washington. congress is set to return in just over a week and even if the small business bill passes quickly, midterm elections are fast approaching, leaving little time for the measure s impact t be felt before voters head to the polls. kate bolduan, cnn, capitol hill. marco rubio has put his senate campaign on hold after the death of his father. he had already withdrawn from a
6:28 am
debate with democrat kendrick meek supposed to take place on "meet the press" because of his father's health. he's glad his father saw long enough to see the sacrifices for his family were not in vain. the bombings in baghdad this morning, iraqi security forces now in control there after the u.s. formally handed over control. for the children who live in ir iraq, war has always been and remains a disturbing way of life. you're going to hear directly from them coming up. it's 28 minutes past the hour.
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welcome back to this "cnn sunday morning." i'm t.j. holmes and as always, a special welcome to our men and women who are watching us on the armed forces network around the world, wherever you all may be serving. it 16:30 in atlanta georgia here where i am, 5:30 in memphis, tense, and it's the afternoon in baghdad. iraqi security forces now in complete control of security formally in control, fewer than 50,000 u.s. troops remain in iraq, serving in an advise i have role, the mission to train and assist iraqi troops on how to battle insurgents in that country. president obama spoke about
6:32 am
ending the iraqi war during his address to the nation tuesday night. >> our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to iraq's future is not. going forward, the transitional force of u.s. troops will remain in iraq with a different mission, advising and assisting iraq's security forces, supporting iraqi troops and targeted counterterrorism issues, and protecting our civilians. consistent with our agreement with the iraqi government, all u.s. troops will leave by the end of next year. >> we talk so often about u.s. troops, we talk so much about what iraqi civilians are going through but what about the children of iraq? arwa damon is in baghdad and talked to some of the kids visiting an ice cream parlor in baghdad and listen to some of the children whose first memories are of war. >> reporter: this is one of baghdad's more popular ice cream parlors and we've come here to
6:33 am
speak with children. a child psychologist recently told us that he believed that the majority of iraq's children are suffering from some sort of trauma as a result of this war. 11-year-old cousins are outgoing and love to talk. one wants to be a doctor. the other doesn't know but they have nightmares of war, it's the first memory they have. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: now that the boys are on summer vacation they say they miss school. at least it provided them with an alternate reality.
6:34 am
their familiarity with violence is troubling.
6:35 am
kids' conversations mimic those of adults, their childhood clouded with talk of assassinations, bombings and violence. 10-year-old zahara's first memory is also of war. there are few centers to go to for psychiatric help. she says she's still scared even as we sit here but at least the nightmares stopped. dreams here are rarely sweet, and sleep often offers little escape. >> kids telling those stories of what they've seen. that young age, just to have seen that much already, and the
6:36 am
brookings institution here in the u.s. says the u.n. study found civilian deaths usually go underreported, an estimate that may be some 600,000 civilian deaths may have taken place during the iraqi war. we may never really know the real numbers. coming up a story we mentioned here just a bit ago, a noise-making device that can give teenagers headaches. the question you may have right now is why? we'll explain coming up. reynolds here talking about reynolds just in this tease, don't use the name "earl." can do you that? >> i'll not use that name, thankfully we don't have to. it's up and out. it is going to come to an end, though we'll talk about that coming up in a few moments. you're watching "cnn sunday morning." see you in a few. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that.
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39 minutes past the hour now on this "cnn sunday morning." come aboard the cnn election express bus, taking a bit of a road trip tomorrow, i'm heading out along with some of my colleagues focusing on the important races and issues. me, gloria borger, john king, jessica yellin all coming to see you tomorrow, pittsburgh live tomorrow morning, first thing live. tuesday we'll see you, columbus, ohio. wednesday, covington, kentucky, better be ready for us, indianapolis, make us dinner, see you on thursday. tune in to cnn for our road reports. ohio considered one of the stops we'll be making an important battleground state as always and we're going to be spending some time there. my producer i'm going to be working with on the road julian
6:41 am
cummings spent some time in ohio yesterday and see if some of the issues they have on their mind are familiar to you. >> too busy raising money for themselves than worrying about what's going on in the rest of the country. >> there aren't many jobs coming in, and the ones that are here are minimum wage. >> i don't care for what party they are, republican, democrat, independent, it's just the person that can help the average man. >> get rid of the bug, just people that run for office and do their job. >> i'm disappointed in many of our democratic candidates, they have not worked harder for the middle class, they've made concessions for the wealth ye americans, and we're really hurting here in middle america. >> oh that looks good. that was actually at the rib festival, found a lot of folks to talk to in ohio where that
6:42 am
was taking place, all week long, starting tomorrow morning hitting the road kicking off cnn's midterm election coverage. aaa says labor day may be good for the economy, quite frankly. drivers hit the road this week and more and more drivers hit the road this week than last year, hitting the road and then we show an airplane. labor day travel about 10% this year, 34.4 million americans are expected to visit family, friends, during the five-day holiday period. yes, they do planes, trains, automobiles, whatever it is, that's up some 3 million from last year. aaa travel agents also reporting hotel, car and vacation package reservations are up about 10%. reynolds, how is the weather cooperating? everybody was worried about the storm. >> but it's gone. it's up and gone and going to be great travel weather for a lot of people across the nation. you mentioned you said pittsburgh first. >> pittsburgh is the first stop. >> when you go to pittsburgh and
6:43 am
people of pittsburgh know this go to premani brothers, sandwiches the size of an actual baby, huge, huge sandwich, good place to go. there across much of the keystone state of pennsylvania picture perfect, our photographer scott is from pennsylvania, it's going to be a great day in lehigh valley and parts of the ohio valley for much of the southeast, high pressure is the dominating feature, a beautiful day across texas and the four corners, warm in phoenix and the strip in vegas but phoenix is called the valley of the sun for a reason, no surprise there with high temperatures going up into the 100s, no shocker for you. 104 in i have gas. 84 degrees in salt lake city. the next 30 seconds, 66 in seattle, 76 in minneapolis, 70s from boston to new york, much better day in the northeast now that earl is up, up, up and away. 84 in atlanta. 89 in new orleans. we're keeping a sharp eye on the
6:44 am
tropics and show a few places for potential development, the remnants of gaston, another wave leaving the coast of africa. we'll keep an eye on both those. as we wrap things up look at the shot here in atlanta, a beautiful shot, you see centennial park in the foreground and the background the skyline and man it is going to be a beautiful day today, low humidity, mix of sunshine, few scattered clouds, no rain in the forecast for the time being and no showers or thunderstorms to trip you up. that's the good news. >> that is a gorgeous shot. we should do the show outside sometime. >> really? you really want to do that? >> that is gormgious this morning, right outside of our window here at the cnn center. >> good times. >> what was the name of the place, pittsburgh? >> it's called premanti brothers and a lot of people go there on the way or after or during steeler games, they get a sandwich and come back. it's got to be a bad game for you to do that. >> no bad games, right, skoptsc.
6:45 am
our guy on the camera is a pittsburgh guy. we'll start in new york you'll be surprised you remember the guy, you know? >> i do remember this fellow. >> quit dramatically, jetblue that was last month. we're finally getting the official word that he's fired. i thought that would be more of an immediate thing. you remember this guy, steven slater, had that profanity-laced tirade, jumped out of the plane, let down the emergency chute, grabbed him a couple of beers, cussed everybody out, well yes it was well publicized, a lot of people called him a hero, they would like to have quit their jobs like that but official word that he has been let go. have some pretty lenient policies over there at jetblue i suppose, got to do a lot to get fired. you do not hear this every day, biloxi, mississippi, the mayor there is taking a pay cut of $88,000. there he is. >> that's pretty substantial. >> that is a huge cut. he was making $115,000, going
6:46 am
down to $27,000, his name is a.j. holloway. he's taking the voluntary pay cut to help out. he says he's going to -- he has retirement money can he get by on but can you imagine if more and more city leaders, even our federal, our you know guys up in washington would possibly do that? >> you remember the story in california, the guys making ridiculous amounts of money and people waking up to the fact and when you see city officials making the moflz you have to respect it. >> we applaud mayor holloway. >> you usually tell me about this, bacon. >> oh my gosh. >> international bacon day, were you aware of this? >> i was not aware of that but i know it is certainly a big thing. i celebrate it every day as you do, too. >> this is in seattle showing you the pictures. from. they celebrate, who knew, international bacon day but didn't just eat it like you're normally eating it. they made some desserts out of bacon as well, bacon and eggs,
6:47 am
bacon burgers and also make cookies and bacon caramels. >> it's amazing there are things ininateeur sometimes nature messes up like the duckbilled pl platypus or justin bieber. bacon is meat candy. it is absolutely perfect. >> why are you picking on justin beeber? >> no offense, i love your music but i do lake bacon better. you can't mess it up. >> you can't mess up bacon. >> meat candy when you bring in music, meat candy is a great name for a garage man. make some noise for meat candy, come on, everybody. >> i hope you've thought about this stuff. if you come up off the top of your mind i'm concerned. >> i'm really wish i thought about this before at this point. a noise as a deterrent, using noise to deter teenagers appears to be working at a busy subway stop in washington, d.c., the device puts out a high-pitch sound that seems to affect only young people, kids who
6:48 am
businesses often blame for loitering and sometimes causing trouble. is this fair to target the kids? brian todd putting it to the test. >> reporter: this section of washington, d.c., called gallery place, is very popular among young people because of the trendy bars and restaurants like these down here but there's also been a problem with loiterers and property managers complained about that. a couple of weeks ago there was a huge street brawl that took place, we're told it started in the metro station, and kind of spilled over onto the streets. since that time, property managers around here have installed this device up on the wall, called the mosquito. it emits a high-pitched sound designed to keep loiterers away. the question is does it unfairly target young people? it can cause a high pitched headache, and that's by design. just outside the gallery place subway stop in washington, the mosquito beeps often. but is it indiscriminate? this anti-loitering device was placed here after a big street
6:49 am
brawl, but the property managers and the mosquito's distributor both tell cnn the noisemaker doesn't target young people. still thedistributor teenagers happen to do the most loitering and the sound is most effective for the stage of life where humans can hear the highest pitches. >> the mosquito activated emits a sound at 17.5 kilohertz, the high end of the youth hearing range, 13 to 25-year-old hearing range. when a youth hears the sound they find it extremely annoying and will leave the area in a few minutes. >> reporter: at gallery place, we saw some young people getting irritat irritated. >> can you hear it? >> probably wouldn't shop at the shops if i heard it again. >> reporter: why not? >> it's too annoying. it gave me a headache. >> reporter: there are settings on the mops key tsquito that ca heard by older age groups. i played it in our newsroom and
6:50 am
didn't tip them off beforehand. on settings for people 30 and younger, no one heard it. now 50 years old and under. >> ooh, i heard that. i hear that. >> i can hear that, too. still, some believe this device does target teenagers unfairly. among the community leaders who have concerns about this device, judith sandalow of the children's lost center in the gallery place. if there are problems with voice and loiterers driving away customers from the business that count on business, wouldn't anything like this help? >> i'm sympathetic to businesses needing to be able to engage the most customers in the best possible way, i'm sympathetic to that. this isn't the best solution. we need to have better programs for youth, we need to engage them in activities. >> believe it or not young people have used this device to their advantage. we're told by the distributor
6:51 am
that high pitched noise this thing makes made its way on to the internet. he says young people have been able to download that sound onto their cell phones as ring tones so that when their cell phones ring, they can hear the sound but their parents and their teachers cannot. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> smart kids! aren't they? they figured this thing out already. we should make that maybe a question this morning. if you could use a sound to get rid of a particular group around you, what would that group be? if you could use a sound that would just make certain group that's bothering you scatter, what would it be? >> what sound would you use? >> no, if you could target one particular group to get rid of them with some kind of high pitched sound what group would you want to get away from you? >> fans of the university of alabama. >> oh, wow. that's pretty good. >> first one up there. probably use i don't know maybe yoko ono's greatest hits, just throwing it out there, i don't know. >> send us some response to that, folks.
6:52 am
you know where to find us, t.j. holmes cnn on twitter and facebook. are you on twiter? >> -- no, reynoldswolf@cnn. >> want to give out your phone number while you're at it in. >> might sbl. >> let us know if you can make some particular groups scatter with a high pitched noise what group would you try to get rid of? let us know. we'll hopefully share some of those in a bit. coming up here an ad campaign going on in china raising eyebrows, and some accusations of exploiting a dead princess. we'll show you the lady diana pictures sparking outrage in britain. our editorial producer, nadya bilchik checking in with us. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain,
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6:56 am
five minutes to the top of the hour now. last tuesday marked 13 years since princess diana's death. she was killed in a car accident in paris, as you know. britains were leaving bouquets outside the kensington palace. in china they were using the likeness of lady di to help sell lingerie. the story in the global spotlight for our editorial producer nadya bilchik here with me once again. i imagine folks in britain did not take kindly? >> did not take kindly. nicholas davies said this is appalling and of course he said this is "totally appalling" what's going on. here you have this campaign, there's princess diana in a bra and panties or the british call knickers and a cello and the bow looking down at a child,
6:57 am
supposedly william or harry. it's not princess diana. it is a princess diana look-alike model but caused great outrage and people are very, very furious about it because let her rest in peace. >> they knew what they were doing i assumed that the point here was to find someone and pro-to-promote this and fool people essentially into thinking this is lady di. >> well, yes and it's gelry international is t jealousy international is the name of the country. 13 years ago do you remember where you were? >> exactly where i was. >> let's talk about the woman who was an icon in her life and is certainly an icon in her death and the impact she had on people's lives, that it's 13 years later we still remember her, and what do we remember her for? for her land mine work, her philanthropy. she was one of the first who held the hands of an aids victim. she was so remarkable in that way and why did we feel for diana so much? not only was she beautiful but her husband had cheated on her,
6:58 am
so she was loved by so many women. one of the most fascinating things i found in my research in the british medical journal, that after her death four weeks later, these suicide rates in the uk and wales hiked by something like 17%. that's how much people feel for diana. here you have this extraordinary ad campaign, what it really shows is the global impact of diana. >> is there any possible action anyone could take against this company? >> mott posthumously. james dean or michael jackson look-alike after their death it's nothing. it's just in appalling taste so the diana fan clubs are saying this is blatant exploitation. there's no comment from the charles camp but he hasn't commented on her for years, and the campaign themselves, jealous international are saying we are honoring diana's memory by showing the kind of underwear she would wear. >> the timing as well this coming out right around the anniversary. >> and tomorrow, 13 years ago
6:59 am
was her funeral. they knew what they were doing, look at the world attention it's getting, victoria's secret, we're wearing jealousy international. in britain on america people would probably boycott it because it is in bad taste. >> in bad taste is all. nadia bilchik always giving us a look at something happening around the world. >> next week we don't know where, mandarin, maybe talking mandarin, going to madrid, maybe go to bombay. >> no knows. >> who knows. >> nadia bilchik always good to have you with us. thanks so much. coming up have you heard the name the walmart of the sex i have industry? we'll see why there's a "censored" sign blocking one of "censored" sign blocking one of its services. -- captions by vitac --
7:00 am
7:01 am
7:02 am
adult services is enkren sored on craigslist. users finding the link blocked with a bar that says simply "censored." craigslist not explaining the move just yet, saying instead they will release a statement later. it's going to be a crucial first step in repairing its image after repeated criticism that it promotes prostitution and child sex trafficking. last week attorneys general in 17 states accused craigslist of doing little to prevent that. one of them commended this move yesterday. >> craigslist either cannot or will not effectively screen out the ads and so craigslist really voluntarily did the right thing as a result of our job owning and talking to them, but i think that it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. this is a story cnn has been reporting on in the past few
7:03 am
weeks, in tick lear amber lyon confronted the founder of craigslist. >> big things going on with craigslist right now they're saying they're monitoring all of the ads that come through on adult services to check to see if the girls are underage or young so we put some words in here, "sweet, innocent, new girl," we're going to see what happens. we'll see if craigslist will let our ad post and see what kind of calls we get. [ phone ringing ]. >> i saw your ad on craigslist. >> hello? >> yes. >> we've had 15 calls and the ad as only been up for three hours, 15 calls in three hours. craigslist says its staff manually screens all of the adult services ads and will reject any that make it look or sound like you're selling sex. when we looked through the ads most were pretty blatant. the fair fund investigates juvenile trafficking. >> most of the young people
7:04 am
we've worked with who have been exploited online talk about craigslist. craigslist is like the walmart of online sex trafficking. >> reporter: so we're here at george washington university and we just found out that craig newmark, founder of craigslist is going to be speaking here at a tech conference, he doesn't know we're coming. he's been media shy lately about all of these allegations against him. this guy is the craig in craigslist. it's his list. so can people trust that children are not being sex trafficked on craigslist? >> i think we explained that pretty thoroughly on our blog. >> that's where jim buckmaster says that you will immediately contact law enforcement if you suspect anything suspicious? >> yes, jim does a great job showing that we do more than anyone in this area, pretty good for a community of 50 million people. >> this is inspector brian bray with the d.c. metropolitan police department, also in charge of the prostitution enforcement unit in craigslist blog they say they'll immediately contact law enforcement any time they see a
7:05 am
suspicious ad. you've never been contacted by them? >> that's correct, if they're notifying i'm not sure if they're notifying the right people because we're not getting the call. >> reporter: what are you guys doing to protect these girls? you guys say in the blog that you'll remove any ad that looks like the person might be suggesting they're going to offer sex. look at this ad, it says, young, sexy, sweet and bubbly. clear here she writes $250 an hour. what is she selling in her bra and underwear, a dinner date? >> have you reported this to us? >> but you guys say you screen all of the ads manually. >> i don't know what this is. >> jim buckmaster's blog. >> you have reported this to us. >> why do i have the responsibility to report this to you when it's your website? you're the one posting this online? i just want to know, i mean --
7:06 am
okay. >> this is -- >> reporter: we've run into a lot of victims and a lot of advocates that pretty much call your site the walmart of child sex trafficking. in 2008 craigslist agreed to report any suspicious ads to the center for missing and exploited children, which works with police to find and rescue trafficking victims. two years and hundreds of thousands of sketchy ads later, the center says craigslist has reported fewer than 100. >> craigslist has not released an official explanation of what we're seeing on their website right now. the words "censored" in place of where the adult services section was. company representatives tell cnn they expect to send a statement out sometime this week. we want to turn back now to the story we're telling you about at the top, attacks in baghdad, insurgents going after a familiar target, the same
7:07 am
place where 48 people were killed in an attack just two weeks ago. we were telling you about this attack the last hour. just one person had been killed, we're getting updated numbers from iraqi officials now that seven people have been killed in this latest attack and 21 people were wounded. arwa damon is in baghdad, i talked to her last hour what we've been seeing since the formal "handover" of military command to the iraqis from the u.s. >> reporter: there is this sense amongst the people, amongst the iraqi security forces because of the heightened alert and significant events with the u.s. officially ending its combat mission taking place that there is a sense amongst the population that perhaps this is the lull before the storm. people are very tense, anticipating some sort of a big attack and whilst you could look at today and say this is the case of the iraqi security forces actually -- after the potential attack for the population, they're looking at
7:08 am
cases like this and thinking to themselves that there are still suicide bombers roaming the streets and the city and country are still not safe. >> seven minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." now meteorologist reynolds wolf is going to be telling you how the rest of your weekend will be. still got some holiday left in this weekend. we were worried about hurricane earl for awhile. that's not a problem now. it's all good. eight minutes past the hour. reynolds is coming up. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an l.a. getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer ] introducing the venture card from capital one
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nine past the hour. reynolds here, not talking earl necessarily. did this thing kind of clear stuff out and kind of result in some really beautiful weather? >> you could argue that this storm driving its way up to parts of the northeast and the frontal boundary made things much better, stable conditions. there's some good aspects about it. the best aspect is that it's gone. >> it's gone. >> let' show you video of what it did in nova scotia. thankfully it wasn't that bad, boats getting tossed, monster waves up and down the eastern seaboard with the system as it chugd northward. thankfully it is a dying system, no longer followed by the national hurricane center. let's show you what we've got in store for us, inner tropical
7:11 am
convergence zone the formation of more storms or potential storms. one wave off of the african coast, the remnants of gaston. there is an 80% possibility that the remnants of this system may chug their way into the caribbean and possibly become a tropical storm, maybe a hurricane at some point, later on down the road. should not happen today. what will happen today beautiful conditions, high pressure is going to be just the big controller i guess you could say, the big component of the forecast keeps things high and dry across much of the nation, two-thirds of the nation. back over parts of the northern rockies this area of low pressure will bring skapt scatt snow showers to the tetons, glacier national park and rain falling into parts of the pacific northwest. desert southwest in the 100s, comfortable for the northeast, 77 in boston, and 81 in los angeles. that is a quick look at your forecast. back to you. >> appreciate you buddy as always. talk to you again shortly. coming up they have a devastating and deadly menace
7:12 am
for u.s. troops in afghanistan. we're talking about roadside bombs. well the u.s. military has a new way to combat them and they're combating them from the sky. it's 11:00 minutes pat how were pi past the hour. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra?
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20 million men already have. ♪ with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. 13 minutes past the hour here on this "cnn sunday morning." loved ones of soldiers and marines imprisoned for killings in iraq protested outside ft.
7:14 am
leavenworth, kansas, yesterday. they call them the leavenworth ten. two have been released. they're trying to free the service members saying they killed because they believed they were defending themselves or fellow soldiers. republican florida congressional candidate alan west a retired army lieutenant colonel attended this event, family members expressed their gratitude for the show of support. in afghanistan, the u.s. military has a new strategy to better protect troops from the insurgents' weapon of choice, the roadside bomb. barbara starr shows us how the battle against the ieds is literally taking to the sky. >> reporter: planes like these are the newest secret weapon against roadside bombs in afghanistan. carrying censors that sniff out deadly threats. ashton carter is the senior pentagon official responsible for finding ways to fight improvised explosive devices. >> just in the last few weeks we
7:15 am
deployed a couple of airplanes with a really revolutionary capability to do essentially chemical analysis at a distance, and they can distinguish ammonium nitrate, which is one of the fertilizer-based chemicals that are being used to make ieds, those airplanes are flying now, we're seeing how they work, they're finding ied laboratories. >> reporter: troops may be celebrating the official end of combat in iraq, but ieds still threaten troops in both iraq and afghanistan, despite years of improved armored protection. in iraq, insurgents still put more than 400 ieds a month out on the road but afghanistan is now the focus. >> for the first time in eight years, we are really surging our counter-ied capability there. the number of pieces of
7:16 am
equipment, the number of trained people is increasing by a large factor, so we are getting in the game in afghanistan in a way we've not been in the past. >> reporter: waiting has been costly. in 2008, 87 u.s. troops were killed by ied attacks in afghanistan. last year it skyrocketed to 187. in just the first seven months of this year, more than 140 troops killed. lieutenant colonel raymond fang has treated hundreds of the wounded. >> as reported in the news, the amount of explosive is being increased because our protection is increased and the enemy adapts and so they make bigger bombs. >> reporter: bigger, deldlier bo deadlier bombs often with no little or metal content that can
7:17 am
be detected making the new planes a vital tool in this very long war. >> that was our barbara starr reporting and she notes how nine years ago a lot of americans, did you really even know the phrase "ied"? pretty much today you can ask anyone and they'll know exactly what that means. coming up her attacker came out of nowhere and the weapon of choice, a cup of aps id, and police say that attacker is still on the loose. it's 17 minutes past the hour. stay with us here on this "cnn sunday morning."
7:18 am
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well, no doctor at all is probably better than a drunk doctor, would you say? an ohio doctor arrested for drunk driving while on his way
7:22 am
to the hospital for work. police say dr. chad ohlmer was pulled over for driving 101 miles an hour. state troopers smelled alcohol on his breath, says he tested just over the legal limit. you're seeing the dash cam video here, shows the 40-year-old doctor who was polite, very cooperative as well, spokesperson for the hospital says he has been taken off the schedule and won't return to work until he's deemed appropriate. local affiliates reporting the doctor only requested that somebody call the hospital because he was scheduled to be the only doctor in the e.r. that night. we'll turn now to an arizona mother who is suffering from severe burns to her face after police say another woman hurled a cup of powerful acid at her. kevin kennedy from our affiliate kpnx in phoenix with this story. >> my shoulder was a little bit worse right here. >> reporter: ambushed and
7:23 am
attacked, acid thrown on her face, she describes the nightmare. >> i opened my car door and saw a woman, you know, walking up with what looked like a drink of water in her hand. >> reporter: that clear liquid was some type of acid. >> she looked at me with these eyes as if she was saying something. >> reporter: but nothing was said. she just threw the acid in her face. >> and immediately started to just burn. i was on fire. >> reporter: she ran to her apartment. you can see the stains on the front door, the suspect ran away. >> i just kept screaming "somebody poured acid on me, call 911." >> reporter: her daughter splashed water on her face, the pain unimaginable. >> she's in a panic, terrified. she doesn't know what to do. >> reporter: a day later she is doing amazingly well, police trying to figure out who did this. >> this is a personal crime. this person wanted to disfigure this victim. >> reporter: second degree burns on her face and shoulders but she knows it could have been
7:24 am
worse. >> cleompletely blessed. i was thanking god since the incident occurred. >> police in mesa, arizona, are looking for an hispanic woman between the age of 30 and 40 years old and also say the suspect likely new this victim. you just heard the police officer say this is a very personal crime, they do not believe this was random at all. 24 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. i can't afford that. now you can... oh ! dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center... ( woman ) you have flat feet... i do ? ( man ) orthotic 430 is recommended. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet, guaranteed. no wonder footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... that lasts all day. and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. nice ! dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. hey-- thanks ! for locations, see ♪
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it is that time of year, labor day tomorrow it's time to kick off the campaign season and that's what we're doing here at cnn hitting the road on the cnn election express bus. i will be heading out along with onking, gloria borger and jessica yellin, taking a road trip focusing on some of the important races out there and also the important issues and some battleground states. monday, we kick this thing off with our live coverage tomorrow from the bus from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we are coming your way, then tuesday, your turn, columbus, ohio, we'll be in your neck of the woods and on wednesday heading over to covington, kentucky, and then going to wrap up the week thursday, i'll be in
7:28 am
indianapolis, indiana, so tune in, all day tomorrow and also all week as we kick off our political coverage heading in towards the midterms, again tomorrow morning is when we begin, we'll be out there on the road all week, we'll see you out there. more top stories coming your way as "cnn sunday morning" continues at the top of the hour. but first "dr. sanjay gupta" coming up after a break. games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis
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